Energy Saving Strategies for Swimming Pools

Interested in a more efficient pool pump, heater, filter, etc.? Want to save some money running your swimming pool? There are a number of ways you can do that, starting with your swimming pool pump.

By replacing your old pool pump or installing a variable speed pump with your new pool or renovation, you can save more than 50% on your annual pool-related energy costs, equaling hundreds of dollars each year. Multiply that by the expected lifetime of a newly installed pump, and that becomes thousands.

Need a new pool pump or heater? Want to save on energy costs?

PSEG Swimming Pool Pump and Heat Pump Rebates!

Replace your older single-speed pump with a multi-speed or variable speed pump, and save energy while enjoying your pool, with $150 – $350 rebate on a qualifying pool pump! Opt for a new or replacement ENERGY STAR® heat pump pool heater and get up to $650 in savings!

Variable-speed pumps operate at different speeds to deliver water flow according to the operator’s needs. Operating at slower speeds reduces power consumption, energy costs and noise, all while extending the life of the equipment.

Other things you can do to reduce energy costs include (among others, depending on your installation):

  • Use a pool cover: pool covers provide a barrier to reduce evaporation from the pool surface, reducing heat loss within the pool, lowering demand on the heating system;

  • Use an automatic pool controller: another way to help maximize use of your energy dollars is temperature control. Setting back the temperature (and relative humidity level, if indoors using a system to control it) at night reduces the evaporation rate and overall energy load on the system, and lowers energy use;

  • Update your pool area lighting: efficient, high-output LED lighting is rapidly becoming commonplace, both in and out of the pool. Use of such lighting vastly reduces energy consumption in comparison to conventional lamps and bulbs;

  • Replace your pool water heater: the efficiency of modern gas, propane, and electric pool heaters is at an all-time high—replacing old, worn-out heaters offer long-term savings and greatly increased reliability. Additionally, pool heating system alternatives like solar panels and heat pumps are available today, which can help lower your overall demand on the grid;

  • Modernize your filtration system: today’s newer filters require less frequent backwashing, reducing the need to refill the pool after a backwash, in-turn lowering demand on the pool heater. Less frequent backwashing also extends the life of the filtration system;

The Bigger Picture

Reviewing all aspects of your pool’s operation will help you determine if replacement of existing equipment will have long-term paybacks and benefits. For new construction and renovations, advances in current technology are available to reduce energy consumption from day one. Energy costs are predicted to rise in future years, making it crucial for homeowners and commercial swimming pool operators to understand their current energy use and implement strategies today to reduce future demand.

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