Frequently Asked General Questions

Following is just a small sample of the thousands of questions current and prospective pool owners have asked over the years. For a far more complete list, visit Answers.com WikiAnswers Swimming Pool pages.

What are some of the most popular reasons to install a pool?2020-03-17T21:37:24-04:00
  • Some reasons include aesthetics, recreation, entertainment, physical fitness, and improving the overall quality of life.

Are there any risks when installing a pool?2020-03-17T21:39:44-04:00
  • Your pool should be installed by a properly trained builder who has references of other jobs. In addition, you should make sure that prior to the installation, the pool is placed in the proper location to take advantage of the sun and view from your home. Something that some people do not consider when deciding to put a pool in their backyard is the impact that the pool will have on your life – your backyard could become the gathering spot in the neighborhood.

Will installing a pool increase my homes value?2020-03-17T21:41:12-04:00
  • Swimming pools make the home more attractive to a buyer and can increase the value of your home/property, depending on where you live and how long the swimming season is.

How deep does the pool need to be to have a jump board?2020-03-17T21:42:45-04:00
  • The pool should be at least 7 1/2 feet deep, with a minimum length of 28 feet, and a minimum width of 15 feet.

How much water evaporates from a pool?2020-03-17T21:44:22-04:00
  • The evaporation rate depends on the surface area of the pool, the temperature, and the relative humidity and the wind. A simple rule of thumb in the pool industry is that 1/2″ to 1″ per day is normal evaporation. Evaporation more than 1″ per day would indicate a considerable amount of splash-out or a water leak.

What are gunite specs?2020-03-17T21:46:08-04:00
  • “Gunite” is a name used to typically designate a mixture of 1 part Portland Cement and 4 parts sand thoroughly mixed dry, passed through a Gunite Machine, and conveyed by air through a rubber gunite hose, mixed with water at the nozzle, and deposited by air pressure. The large amount of air pressure serves to mix and compact the mixture. The result is a wonderfully smooth, hard surface.

Should the surface water in your pool be moving a lot?2020-03-17T21:48:04-04:00
  • Yes, it indicates your pump and filter are running correctly. You may want to adjust your jet so that the water discharge is just below the surface and circulating around the pool properly. To do so, place the return jet at an angle facing away from the skimmer. It should be angled so that very little water movement can be noticed from the surface. If the return is set right, surface materials end up in the skimmer and bottom materials end up in one general spot in the center, which is very easily vacuumed.

Why is the pool water hazy and grey?2020-03-17T21:49:42-04:00
  • White or grey water usually occurs after super-chlorinating the pool. If it doesn’t go away and leaves a cloudy grey pool and you see deposits of white powder-looking material, then there’s a good possibility the pool water is saturated with calcium. When you use powdered chlorine it also comes with calcium.

Who do I contact if I have pool water chemistry questions?2020-03-17T21:51:14-04:00
  • Contact us, of course – we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.


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