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A 4 or 6 position valve combining the functionality of several valves into one unit, revolutionizing pool plumbing. The six common functions are described below:

FILTER: Keep it here 99%, except when backwashing, rinsing or wasting.

RINSE: Use this setting for 20 seconds after backwashing to rinse tank.

RECIRCULATE: Use this if the filter is broken; at least you’re circulating.

BACKWASH: Use this setting to reverse the flow in the filter and send water out of the waste line. Make sure valves are open or hoses rolled out.

CLOSED: Put here to close off flow from the pool, usually to work on the equipment. Do not operate pump with valve in closed position.

WASTE/DRAIN: Another filter bypass setting, but this setting sends the water out of the waste pipe (hose), instead of returning it to the pool. This setting is used to lower pool water level or to vacuum to waste.

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