Additional Pool Safety Requirements

Additional pool requirements such as anti-entrapment devices (suction fittings), safety glazing, backflow prevention, pool heaters and other requirements may be found in the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the Energy Conservation Construction Code (ref. the Division of Code Enforcement, Codes, Laws, and Regulations for both sets of laws) of New York State or by contacting your local municipality or the Department of State Codes Division at (518) 474-4073.

Please contact your local municipality for additional Code and Zoning Requirements. Local laws regarding fencing and other safety requirements for swimming pools may be more restrictive than requirements for swimming pools contained in the Uniform Code.

New York State Department of Health

The NYS Department of Health mandates additional pool requirements which can be reviewed at their WebsiteSubpart 6-1 does not apply to swimming pools or other bathing facilities, owned and/or maintained by an individual for the use of their family and friends.


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