Basic Pool Safety Tips

Drowning is one of the major causes of accidents resulting in serious injury and death in children. Parents should not be fooled into thinking that their child is safe just because he/she knows how to swim. A lot of swimming pool-related accidents happened even though the child knew swimming. Accidents in the swimming pool can happen very suddenly without warning. It is very important that all parents follow these basic safety precautions, especially if there is a swimming pool at home.

  • Never allow your youngster to swim alone without any adult supervision. It is quite common to develop a cramp underwater, or (e.g.) for accidents like hitting your head while diving to occur. It is paramount that capable persons be available to help in such situations;

  • Do not allow children in or around the pool, if they’ve with little to no knowledge of swimming. Especially very young children. All children above the age of 4 should attend a certified swimming class, or at least learn basic flotation techniques and life saving techniques in case of accidents. Children younger than 4 should always be accompanied by their parents in the pool;

  • Enclose your pool with lockable gates, using high fences. Do not leave the pool open and accessible to young children. Keep your pool safe, and keep your children away from the poolside when you are not around;

  • Avoid leaving your children alone even with small portable pools, or water bodies like buckets, fountains, and barrels. The danger of drowning always exists even in small bodies of water;

  • If you have a backyard swimming pool, ensure that the pool cover completely covers the pool when the pool is not in use. Never partially open the cover. Never let your child walk on the pool cover;

  • Spas and Hot Tubs are also danger spots, especially in the case of younger children who are susceptible to overheating;

  • Always ensure that a life saving flotation device is handy near the pool. Also, every parent should skilled in basic CPR techniques in case of an accident;

  • Last, but not the least, to ensure swimming pool safety, be observant. Watch what your children are up to, and supervise their activities. Do not leave them alone.

Additional information from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals that will help you ensure both the safety your family, friends, and other people in and around your swimming pool and spa, as well as maximum enjoyment while doing so (in Acrobat pdf format):

  • Layers of Protection to help protect pool, spa, and hot tub users, especially children under five years of age.

  • Children Aren’t Waterproof: Drowning is one of the largest causes of accidental death for American infants and children under the age of five. This brochure contains tips on how to help prevent these accidents.

  • The sensible way to enjoy your in-ground swimming pool.


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