Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are mandatory for all new swimming pools on Long Island. They are also a good idea for all swimming pools, old or new.

The following is a brief summary of New York State alarm requirements for residential swimming pools:

Every swimming pool that is installed, constructed, or substantially modified after December 14, 2006, must be equipped with an approved pool alarm which:

  • Is capable of detecting a child entering the water and giving an audible alarm when it detects a child entering the water;

  • Is audible poolside and at another location on the premises where the swimming pool is located;

  • Is not an alarm device which is located on person(s) or which is dependent on device(s) located on person(s) for its proper operation.

A pool alarm must be capable of detecting entry into the water at any point on the surface of the swimming pool. If necessary to provide detection capability at every point on the surface of the swimming pool, more than one pool alarm must be installed.

Pool alarms are not required in:

  • A hot tub or spa equipped with a safety cover, or;

  • Any swimming pool (other than a hot tub or spa) equipped with an automatic power safety cover.

Specific swimming pool alarm requirements can be found in 19NYCRR Part 1228 or in the DOS document titled Current Requirements for Swimming Pools contained in the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (The “Uniform Code“).


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