Pool Hard Start Up Procedure

Before you use any of the following information to adjust your swimming pool and/or spa chemistry, please refer to the safety information toward the bottom of this page.

We use an acid start-up procedure to prepare your new gunite swimming pool for use. Its benefits include:

  • It eliminates plaster dust;

  • It brings the cream to the surface;

  • It prevents staining & scaling;

  • It helps smooth the gunite and exposed aggregate fill;

  • It helps eliminate spot etching.

Dark Plaster Start-up Procedure

Your pool has been plastered with a mixture of white cement, crushed white limestone, and black dye. Cement and limestone are natural minerals, mined and processed, and subject to variations in color. This variation is most noticeable on cloudy days. The instructions provided on this page are intended to minimize naturally occurring chemistry that can contribute to unnecessary staining.

ALWAYS ADD A CHEMICAL TO WATER, NEVER WATER TO A CHEMICAL! Also, It’s vital to follow the steps in each of the following daily tasks in order of their occurrence. For your convenience, we provide helpful tools about pool water chemistry for use with the following procedures:
  • Proper Pool Water Chemistry Levels, which details those levels and includes descriptions of the four major processes associated with their proper maintenance;
  • Pool Chemical Dosage Charts, a series of charts that detail the amount of chemicals needed to bring the chemistry of various sized pools in-line with their proper readings.
  1. Fill pool as rapidly as possible without interruption. DO NOT STOP WATER FOR ANY REASON. For poor water pressure or large pools, try to borrow water from a neighbor. Never allow water to hit the plaster directly; always aim hose into the puddle at the bottom.  DO NOT SHOCK POOL WITH CHLORINEDO NOT ADD SALT FOR 28 DAYS.
  2. When the pool is FULL (water level at middle of the tile or rocks), add 1 QT. SEQUESTERING AGENT per 15,000 GALLONS. This is to help avoid staining from naturally occurring calcium (plaster dust), iron, and other metals present in the fill water. DO NOT TURN ON PUMP.
  3. Add pool acid (muriatic), adhering to the following formula: Add 2 gallons of acid per 10,000 gallons of pool water. DO NOT POUR acid on stairs, swim outs, or in shallow areas of the pool. Brush pool.
  4. Brush at least once daily. Do not vacuum. Do not add chlorine until water is clear and sediment is gone. DO NOT SHOCK THE POOL! DO NOT ADD SALT FOR 28 DAYS!
  5. Continue curing for 4 to 5 days, brushing each day. If plaster is slimy, or by 4th or 5th day, go to the next step.
  6. First test your pool with a base demand test and calculate the amount of ALKALINITY AND pH ADJUSTER that the pool needs. Then use a 4 or 5 gallon plastic pail, dip into the pool and fill with pool water; add SODIUM BICARB AND SODIUM CARBONATE and stir to COMPLETELY dissolve. Broadcast SOLUTION out over the Top of the pool. BRUSH IMMEDIATELY! Repeat this procedure until all of the ADJUSTING chemicals needed (per base demand test) have been added to the pool. Wait 24 hours and retest pool.
  7. Perform this step ONLY if pH is 7.2 or higher: Turn on pump(s) to filter, and backwash when necessary (10lbs. increase on the gauge). If the filter cannot be started or fails, continue brushing and get service FAST!
  8. DO NOT SHOCK POOL WITH CHLORINE! Add small amounts (1⁄2 lb. or 1⁄2 gallon or less, per 10,000 gallons) more frequently, 2 or more times per week. Add stabilizer as per instructions. When all tests are in proper range, follow professional advice with regular maintenance. DO NOT ADD SALT FOR 28 DAYS!

Safety Information | Legal Disclaimer

Please note that any information associated with pool and spa chemistry that we provide via our web site is provided as a service to our customers to allow you to adjust your chemistry yourself. That said, if you do adjust your chemistry yourself, we have to warn you that you do so at your own risk. Swimming pool and spa chemicals can be dangerous to your health and even harmful to life and and/or property if not handled with appropriate care, and require special handling and storage methods. The Ultimate in Pool Care will not be held responsible for any injuries to your health, life, and/or property associated with the use of information in the tables included in this document. Please refer to the special SAFETY CAUTION that follows for more information.

CAUTION: Swimming pool and spa chemicals can be dangerous to your health and require special handling and storage methods. Before using the information provided in this document, please ensure you review Safe Storage and Handling of Swimming Pool Chemicals provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).


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