Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps

Pumps move swimming pool (and spa) water through the filter, heater or heat pump, chlorine generator, water features, and plumbing. They can also power in-floor cleaning systems and automatic cleaners. A pool pump should circulate all pool water at least once a day. And efficiency is what counts. Greater efficiency means lower utility costs. The key to pump efficiency lies deep in the heart of the pump’s design. The secret is to minimize turbulence as water passes through the pump. Less turbulence also means less energy and less noise.

If you’re considering adding an automatic cleaner, ask us about recommending a pump with adequate power to handle the additional demands.

Need a new pool pump or heater? Want to save on energy costs?

PSEG Swimming Pool Pump and Heat Pump Rebates!

Replace your older single-speed pump with a multi-speed or variable speed pump, and save energy while enjoying your pool, with a $325 rebate on a qualifying pool pump! Opt for a new or replacement ENERGY STAR® heat pump pool heater and get $600 in savings!

The following sections provide an introduction to two of the most popular pump manufacturers: Jandy & Pentair.

Jandy Pumps: The Next Generation

Jandy is proud to introduce it’s new series of pumps – three models designed for all your pool and spa needs. The new Stealth, PlusHP and MaxHP pumps are quieter, more powerful and more efficient than ever. They are designed for ease of operation and maintenance, featuring larger trap baskets, ergonomic cam-lock lids and quick-connect unions. Jandy pumps are available in full, up-rated and highly efficient two-and variable-speed models. Reduce energy use up to 90% with the VS FloPro’s high-efficiency variable-speed motor.

Pentair Pumps: The heart of the pool’s circulation system

Slash pump energy use by up to 90%, saving hundreds per year

Energy Saving Options – Variable Speed Pumps

Pentair’s new IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro™ pumps provide breakthrough efficiency, reducing energy costs by 30% to 90% or more compared to conventional 1- and 2-speed pumps. Plus, they are not only the quietest pumps on the planet, they are Pentair’s EcoSelect™ brand choices for pumps.

Swimming Pool & Spa Pump Sizing

Regardless of the type of pool you own or are considering, accurate pool pump sizing is extremely important if you are trying to electrical costs to a minimum. It’s important that you choose the right size pump for your pool to ensure that enough water is circulated to keep the water chlorinated, filtered and healthy for anyone enjoying the pool. We highly recommend a variable speed pool pump given the reasons that follow.

A common misconception is to purchase the largest pool pump you can find so that you know you have enough circulation for your pool. Although this is a good idea in theory it can lead to unnecessarily high electrical usage and can be very costly. The ideal pump will turnover your entire pool in an eight (8) hours cycle and since all pools are different it’s important to get your pool pump sizing correct.

The larger the pump, the more flow is generated, and subsequently the faster turnover rate. Turnover rate is the period of time required to circulate a volume of water equal to the pool or spa capacity. If you want to ensure you are using the best pump possible for your pool, have a look at our Pool Pump Sizing Procedure.


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