Set It and Forget It: Automating Your Pool & Spa Has Never Been Easier


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Set It and Forget It: Automating Your Pool & Spa Has Never Been Easier

HAMILTON, NJ – Today’s pools and spas have it all—beauty, sophistication and a high level of 21st century technology that makes the daily routine of operating the equipment and accessories no more difficult than pushing a few buttons.

“New automation options eliminate the inconvenience of trips to pool or spa equipment to reset timer clocks and thermostats,” said Kyle H. Chaikin, CPO, CBP, CSP, President of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA). “Control the pool at poolside, from inside the house, on the golf course or halfway around the world with handy smartphone apps. Click a few buttons and the pool and spa is blissfully on cruise control; click it again and the equipment is on manual control ready to host that last‐minute pool party or spontaneous swim.”

Pool automation can control almost every aspect of the pool & spa and your entire backyard oasis, noted Chaikin, including:

  • Chlorine generators – no need for adjustments here, now this equipment can be fully automated;

  • Pool pumps – the new variable speed pool pumps can be programmed to run the filtration system at an optimum level for bright, sparking water while providing the maximum savings of energy;

  • Heaters – water is maintained at just the temperature you desire it within a one degree F. range;

  • Lighting – create the perfect mood at a touch of a button;

  • Water features – add the delicious sights and sounds of fountains and waterfalls at the click of another button;

  • Spa – let the equipment automatically heat up the spa while you are at work so you are set for a toasty evening of relaxation as soon as you get home;

  • Fire features – add a fire pit or a fireplace to experience the crackle of a fire and to take the chill off of the night air with the push of another button;

  • Cleaning – let the pool’s automation system adjust chlorine, pH levels and turn the automatic cleaners on and off to ensure sparkling water while you relax and enjoy your backyard.

In addition to saving time by automatically scheduling and controlling the operation of pool and spa equipment and poolside accessories, the new automation equipment saves money as well by optimizing energy use, chemical use and equipment performance, explained Chaikin. And by operating each of these systems at maximum efficiency, the pool automation system can actually add years of service to your pool and spa equipment, saving on replacement costs.

Pool and spa automation fits perfectly into any busy lifestyle,” continued Chaikin. “You can monitor your pool and poolscape yourself or you can turn it over to your pool service company who will monitor it in in real time and be able to respond in real time, should any issue develop. Automation equipment quickly makes your backyard ready to use right when you are ready to use it, regardless of the season. Owning and operating a pool and spa today has never been easier or more fun.

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The Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA) is the Northeast affiliate of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP, now the PHTA – the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance). Founded in 1958, the non‐profit association represents the pool and spa industry in the Northeast and serves members through extensive training programs, safety promotions, design competitions and compliance education.

Download a pdf copy of this news release: NESPA Pool & Spa Automation News Release.

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