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According to Green Living OnlineWith just over eight million pools in the U.S. and more than 600,000 in Canada, there is a growing awareness that single owner pools may not be the most environmentally friendly form of recreation. They use a lot of electricity and gas with pumps to circulate the water through filters and heaters, typically running 24 hours a day. This is unnecessary when the average pool owner only spends about an hour a day swimming.

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Following are some important, money-saving conservation tips from us, the Ultimate in Pool Care, to you, the pool owner. As you know, we can all do our part to help and save money while we are at it!

  • Use your swimming pool filter and automatic swimming pool cleaner during off-peak hours (peak hours are 12 – 6 PM).

  • Use your swimming pool cover: 70% of heat loss is due to evaporation.

  • Replace old swimming pool and spa pumps and motors with new efficient ones.

  • Shorten the operating time of both your swimming pool filter and automatic swimming pool cleaner.

  • Keep your swimming pool equipment clean and lubricated.

  • Keep your swimming pool and spa filtration systems clean for optimum flow rates.

  • Keep your water chemistry properly balanced.

  • Keep your swimming pool temp low.

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After all the safety basics of your pool are addressed, it’s time to go Green, save yourself some money, and enjoy your swimming pool even more!

Going Green with your swimming pool is not just a hot trend, it will save you money. Products such as the TightWat Digital Pool Timer exist that reduce costs by using its self-adjusting pool filter during run-times year-round. You can become less dependent on high output products using outdated technologies, by upgrading to more environmentally friendly, cost saving, Green pool products.

Need a new pool pump or heater? Want to save on energy costs?

PSEG Swimming Pool Pump and Heat Pump Rebates!

Replace your older single-speed pump with a multi-speed or variable speed pump, and save energy while enjoying your pool, with a $325 rebate on a qualifying pool pump! Opt for a new or replacement ENERGY STAR® heat pump pool heater and get $600 in savings!

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