New Vinyl Pools

We use steel wall construction (from Cardinal Systems) to create numerous standard and free form vinyl pools. No shape or feature is impossible: if you can conceive it, we can create it. We also pour a complete cement collar around the wall of the pool… this gives the pool increased stability and longevity. Additionally, vinyl pools allow you an endless array of surface options.

Liner Choices

While vinyl pools allow you a multitude of surface options, we recommend that you choose a print liner (not a solid color). If you decide to choose a solid liner, bear in mind that every subtle bump and divot in the surface under the liner will be visible unless you upgrade the under-surface to a solid bottom.

Following are but a few of the many liner styles available for you to choose from:

You can also browse many more available pool liners at the sites of our main suppliers:

An example of the overall process follows, one of the many new vinyl pools we installed:

Following is just a small sample of the new vinyl pools we’ve built (you can see many more in our Portfolio page):

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