Pool & Spa Maintenance

A swimming pool is not so different from a glass of water – a highly complex environment that is sensitive to all of the stimulus around it: wind, rain, and sun; air quality; the influence of people; and nature itself. Just as you wouldn’t drink a glass of water that had been sitting out in the open for weeks on end, you wouldn’t want to swim in a pool under the same circumstances. Keeping it clear, clean, and refreshing is a challenge for any homeowner – except those who use Ultimate In Pool Care’s weekly service.

Besides getting your swimming pool and/or spa ready for this year’s swimming seasonour pool & spa maintenance services include:

  • Check Filter Pressure

  • Test Chlorine/Bromine

  • Test Ph

  • Test Cyanuric Acid

  • Test Alkalinity

  • Test Hardness

  • Clean Pump Strainer Basket

  • Clean Cartridge Filter

  • Replace Cartridge with Clean One

  • Backwash Sand Filter

  • Backwash and Recharge D. E. Filter

  • Fill Chemical Feeder

  • Check Heater Operation

  • Clean Skimmer Baskets

  • Scrub Tile Border

  • Clean Auto Vac Filter

  • Clean Diving Board and Stand

  • Clean Rails

  • Rinse Deck Area

  • Skim Pool Surface

  • Vacuum Pool

  • Brush Pool Walls and Floor

  • Shock Pool

  • Discuss Service with Pool Owner

Ultimate Gold Pool Service™

Ultimate in Pool Care’s exclusive Ultimate Gold Pool Service™ maintenance program gives homeowners a full suite of services for year-round comfort and worry free pool ownership.

This 12 month all-inclusive service includes pre-pool season summerizing and pool clean-up, pool season weekly maintenance (mid-May through mid-September), post-season winterizing, and winter watch maintenance.*

Ultimate Gold Pool Service™ benefits include priority scheduling as well as discounts on repairs, services, equipment and materials.

Ultimate Gold Pool Service™

The Ultimate Gold Pool Service™ program extends the life, beauty, and functionality of the pool by preventing costly repairs and renovations that may be required to restore the pool to its original luster.

*For complete list of services and details call Dawn or Rudy at 631-242-2667.


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