Pool Winterizing & Winter-Watch

While a need for pool winterizing & winter-watching is now fortunately a ways off, we keep the following online to give you an idea of what we offer when that time comes. This content will be updated as next Winter approaches.

In areas which reach freezing temperature, it is important to close a pool properly. This varies greatly between in-ground and above-ground pools. By taking steps to properly secure the pool, it lessens the likelihood that the superstructure will be damaged or compromised by freezing water.

Closing vinyl and fiberglass pools

In preparation for freezing temperatures, an in-ground swimming pool’s pipes must be emptied. An above-ground pool should also be closed, so that ice does not drag down the pool wall, collapsing its structure. The plumbing is sealed with air, typically with rubber plugs, to prevent cracking from freezing water. The pool is typically covered to prevent leaves and other debris from falling in. The cover is attached to the pool typically using a stretch cord, similar to a bungee cord and hooks fitted into the pool surround. The skimmer is closed off or a floating device is placed into it to prevent it from completely freezing and cracking. Floating objects such as life rings or basketballs can be placed in the pool to avoid its freezing under the cover. Sand or DE filters must be backwashed, with the main drain plug removed and all water drained out. Drain plugs on the pool filter are removed after the filter has been cleaned. The pool pump motor is taken under cover. Winter chemicals are added to keep the pool clean.

In climates where there is no risk of freezing, closing down the pool for winter is not so important. Typically, the thermal cover is removed and stored. Winter sunlight can create an algae mess when a cover that has been left on all winter is removed. The pool is correctly pH-balanced and super-chlorinated. One liter algaecide for every 50,000 liters of pool water should be added, and topped up each month. The pool should be filtered for one to two hours daily to keep the automated chlorination system active.

Winter Service

The Ultimate in Pool Care and Chaikin Ultimate Pools would like to make sure your swimming pool is properly taken care of during the winter. We are here to help in any way we can.

When the time comes, we can sign you up for our Winter Service Program which provides maintenance for your swimming pool, pool cover, and pool equipment for the winter season. Our program includes bi-monthly visits by our professional staff where we pump the stagnant water off of your pool cover, check and adjust your cover as needed, check your pool equipment, add chlorine if needed and clean off all leaves from the cover. Our Winter Service Program will help your pool clear up faster in the Spring after your pool opening, and help avoid costly maintenance that might be required in the Spring due to the upcoming freezing temperatures.

Give us a call today at 631-242-2667 to arrange Winter Service. You can also download our 2019-2020 Winter Service Agreement here (click on the pdf icon that follows):

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