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If you own and/or run a commercial swimming pool facility like those often associated with condos or other homeowner communities, clubs, hotels, motels, state and local governments, etc., and you’re looking for lifeguards and/or stress-free swimming pool management services, the Ultimate in Pool Care has what you need. We take pride in being the industry leader in swimming pool management services on Long Island. No matter how large or small your facility, our friendly, certified professionals will guaranty you a superior customer experience.

Not only can we custom-tailor a program to your facility, but we’ll do so well within the guidelines mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local requirements; and we’ll work with you to help select an optimal plan that suits your needs and fits well within your budget.

Following is an overview of the Swimming Pool Management Services we offer:

Swimming Pool Management Regular Service

Swimming Pool Management – Regular Service

  • Total Pool Management;

  • Year round service and swimming pool maintenance;

  • Seasonal swimming pool maintenance and lifeguard service;

  • Full swimming pool maintenance service;

  • Staffing/lifeguard only service;

  • Chemicals only service;

  • Repairs & renovations.

Here’s who we offer them to:

  • Apartment Communities;

  • Condominiums and Other Homeowner Communities;

  • Federal, State, and Local Municipalities;

  • Golf Clubs, Swim Clubs, Health & Fitness Clubs, and Country Clubs;

  • Hospitality Management Organizations (Hotels, Motels and Resorts);

  • Private Homeowners.

Here’s what we offer in conjunction with these services:

  • Our maintenance stops are tailored to your specific, commercial pool needs;

  • Our full-time staff are certified pool operators (CPO), who attend continuing education classes on a regular basis;

  • We monitor all company vehicles during maintenance stops, using GPS tracking. This maximizes your customer service experience while minimizing your costs;

  • We use environmentally friendly pool products, ensuring a green experience;

  • We provide on call, 24 hour emergency service.

The Ultimate in Pool Care is Long Island’s leader in pool construction, maintenance, repair and renovation, lifeguarding and recreational facility management.

Chaikin Ultimate Management

Chaikin Ultimate Management offers the most comprehensive pool management program available for commercial pools and spas in the tri-state area with its exclusive Ultimate Platinum Pool Management™ system.

This multi-level management program features a team of highly-trained, skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring high-performance, zero downtime and stress-free pool operations.

The Ultimate Platinum Pool Management™ team includes a dedicated Area Supervisor, an Ultimate Guard plus™ package and direct access to Ultimate in Pool Care, Inc.’s award-winning service fleet. All team members abide by a strict set of code of conduct policies and procedures.

Swimming Pool Management Regular Service

Ultimate Platinum Pool Management

Ultimate Guard plus™

Swimming Pool Management Regular Service

Ultimate Guard Plus

Ultimate Guard plus™ personnel are a select group of highly-trained, responsible and motivated lifeguards available only through Chaikin Ultimate Management.

In addition to holding the required Red Cross Certification, Ultimate Guard plus™ staff receive extensive training in Pool 101 courses, providing the guards with additional skills and knowledge to identify and ward-off issues through examination, documentation, and reporting, resulting in the elimination of potential down time.

As a valued member of the Ultimate Platinum Pool Management™ Team, Ultimate Guard plus™ professionals are more than a standard lifeguard, they are well-mannered, reliable and respectful ambassadors of your facility.

Ultimate Guard plus™ staff abide by a strict set of processes. In addition to lifeguarding duties, they arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled pool openings to begin a series of daily tests and inspections on the pool, equipment and facility to ensure all aspects of the pool are in top performance. Following each test, they submit a report to the supervisor, notating any discrepancies for further review. The uniformed guards also perform light maintenance as needed, and keep log books as required by the county.

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